Monday, May 30, 2011

♥ Crackles and Ideas ♥

♥ Helwoo!
It's been a while- Again, I've totally been slacking off, So sorry D:
My finals are coming up soon so I've alot of study to do!
But I've made time to update this blog with a package I've got from Born Pretty Store yet again~
The ever so generous Jessica, allowed me to choose a few items to review and that I did.

The new crackle polish in Black.   
A eye-shadow palette with 16 colors.
A rhinestone wheel~
Different sized pearls~
Two Konad plates ♥

First of all the shipping was quicker than before.
I waited about a month for the Hello Kitty plate but for these I only waited 1 and a half weeks~
So big, big improvement on that.
The products are quite cheap compared to other stores, but the quality is just as good!
The eye-shadows are high pigmented, thank God, cause I'm terrible at picking palettes so I just picked the basic one >o<

Crackle without top-coat.
Crackle without top coat.

With top-coat~

This crackle polish is amazingggg.
I've only used one crackle before and that was the Barry M Instant Nail Effects and that was great as well- Both polishes cracked within seconds of applying although the BPS crackle is slightly faster.
It dries a dusty matte which I would say is the weak point but a bit of topcoat would definately fix that.

A mix of ideas I came up with with the products I recieved~

Overall, I'm really satisfied with the products I recieved, the shipping was quick-
Hong Kong to Ireland, a week and a half. 
Prices are great as well (The plates are SUPER cheap!!)
So please head on over to Born Pretty Store if your interested in any nail art supplies because imo, they sale great products for great prices ^-^

♥ AnnKiins.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

♥ Born Pretty Store mani's ♥

♥ Hello Hello!
I'm back again with a review from the website Born Pretty Store on the free Hello Kitty plate which arrived recently. If you want to see how to get one look at my earlier post~
[Theres ten free Hello Kitty plates every day, plus the delivery is free!]

This is my mani using the plate.
Btw, for those who have it and are like 'WHY DOESN'T THIS WORKKK D:' Well!
Theres a protective film over the plate, it's transparent so it's reallyyyy hard to spot, so remember to take it off before you use it to stamp.
Also, another word of warning, the plates are superbly sharp so mind yourself~

I also bought the fimo clay teddy bears, so I did a mani on it as well c:

- Other information:
I didn't get any problems while ordering these products. It was really bought, put in basket, pay and then wait.
But if I were to say a flaw, I must say the shipping takes long, the plate came in about a month.
However the shipping is free so I won't complain, plus the prices on the website are really good and the owner, Jessica is super nice c:

So thats Bornprettystore if you want to see their great products and if you want to get your hands on the free Hello Kitty Plate.

And for more details on further freebies/competitions go to their Facebook page here.

Good day to everyone!

♥ AnnKiins.

Friday, April 29, 2011

♥ Pearl White Lace + Free Hello Kitty Plate Alert! ♥

♥ Hello Hello! It's been a while c:
I've been busy with study lately however I found the time to update~
It's a cute lace design with the base being Pebble Beach by Catrice.
I got bored with the lace design while at the pinky so played around with a few colors while making a flower An abstract flower at that c:

♥ Also, the freebies!
I recently went on Born Pretty Store and they're giving away 10 Hello Kitty Plates daily until July 31st.
You also get free delivery for it as well.

To learn how to get your free plate go to Born Pretty Store and underneath the 'News' on the top right hand corner, click the '10 FREE Hello Kitty plates per day!!'.
While your there you should take a look around their products, the quality is great and the prices are totally affordable c:

Oh and the Facebook page is here : [X]
The owner, Jessica, frequently holds competitions so be sure to to check up the website alot c:
Theres a 10 crackle freebie competition going on, if you want to win, check out their update on their FB page c:

I recently got my Hello Kitty plate and I'll be doing a nail art design on it soon~

♥ AnnKiins.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

♥ Catrice - Pebble Beach ♥

♥ Helwo~
It must be weird seeing short nails when I had long nails in the other post xD
It's because I'm trying to post up everything I didn't post up before, and this is when I trimmed my nails. They usually grow back to size in about 3 weeks, so I have to trim them regularly D:

Anywaysss >.<
This is an Limited Edition from Catrice, I don't remember what collection unfortunately but none-the-less a nice color to have on your nails *-*
It dries matte, as it says on the bottle, but I beg to differ. More of a satin finish imo.
2 coats for full coverage and dried fairly fast
Application was a breeze as well :D

{Don't mind the little nip of one of my fingers >.<}

 Tbh, I don't ADORE this polish but it is my favourite grey in my stash (I only have about 4 you see...)
But even if I did have more I think this one would still be on top for it's quick dry time and good cover.
Whats your favourite grey in your stash and why? *-*
PS: I could have gotten away with a slightly thicker one coat ^-^
I'm gonna do a nail art with this...I'm thinking lace 8]

♥ AnnKiins.

Monday, March 21, 2011

♥ Ichigo! ♥ {Part two}

♥ Hello again~
This post is part two of the post below {Ichigo!}
This mani is a bit harder to do then the other one but it gives off a much more..professional/sweet feeling even when it's easy to do ^^
I did this off a tutorial by MimiMemeko, mine looks alot different cause I suck at doing tutorials, LOL xD

I'll definately do this during Summer since I think strawberries are absolutely adorable on nails >w<
The base color is No7's base coat {3 coats} 
You can use any color you want for this mani, really. I just copied off the tutorial xD
Hmm..Thats all for now, ttyls~


Sunday, March 20, 2011

♥ Ichigo! ♥ {Part one}

♥ Konichiwa! {Hello in Japanese}
Did you know what ichigo means? It means strawberry in Japanese.
Muahaha, my great Japanese skills {Not really..}
Anyways, I decided to do some strawberry nails since the weather has been wonderful lately ♥

 This is a really simple look thats really easy to do.
So it's great for beginners imo ^^
Theres a harder strawberry mani which I'm probably gonna post tomorrow for the more advanced nail artists, which I did from a tutorial on youtube.
Anyways heres the strawberry look 8D

 Theres really nothing much to say about it.
It cute and easy to do and I think it's great for Summer or any warm day ^-^

♥ AnnKiins.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

♥ Pokemon nails! [Mudkip] ♥

♥ It's been a while! >.<
I posted up a Pokemon inspired nail tutorial the other day based on Mudkip~
Heres are a few pics of it-

And the tutorial~ x3

♥ AnnKiins.