Saturday, August 21, 2010

♥ Nail Polish Shopping ♥

Hi Everyone!

[Pic spam ahead]
[I do not own any brands in the pictures]

♥ Weee, I went nail polish shopping in Liffey Valley 2 days ago.
And I saved up quite a bit of cash for a whole hearted look and buy!

What I saw first was Boots Natural Collection.

I bought the blue polish in the third row.
I forgot to take a picture of it but you'll see it when I swatch it 8)

♥ Next row was the Rimmel section.
What caught my eye was the new Rimmel Matte top coat!!!!!!!
I have always wanted a Matte top coat..and it was!
I just HAAAD it buy it!
It was 6 - 7 euro per bottle, quite pricey, but I didn't care at all!

Up to ten days it says.
I hear a challenge sometime soon...

♥ Aside from wanting a Matte top coat. I was also in need of a top coat and nail polish remover.
So I searched around the stalls for a cheap and affordable one since I spent some money on the Matte top coat. I'm a student on a budget, don't kill me DDD:

♥ So I bought the Collection 2000.
It was cheap and affordable for around 3 - 4 euro as far as I can remember... >o<

Yes, everybody did think I was weird for taking pictures of the stalls and nail polish... >o<
But I'm a dedicated nail polish blogger!!!

♥ Uhh...Moving on xD
I looked for a nail polish remover after and was surprised to find a Sally Hansen nail polish remover.
Of course, I bought the no acetone version for 2 - 3 euro.
[I tried it already and it worked wonders, only problem was the really strong smell, then again, I'm really sensitive towards smells]

What really made my day was when I looked right beside the nail polish remover.
There they were..


[More importantly, MATTE ABOUT YOU, always wanted it! But when I went out to the till it had no price so they couldn't sell it...Absolutely, devastated...]

And OPI..I saw a few that were 23 euro... :O

♥ First time in my life seeing OPI, Sally Hansen and Essie.
Nails Inc was there as well.
It was like. Heaven.
I was seriously, seriously, seriously, gobsmacked.
My face was like

O________O + =OOOOOO + 8DDDDD

Eyes widened, jaw dropped, passerbys staring but I didn't give a crap.
Honestly, best moment of my day life.

But then I couldn't buy the Essie Matte about you.
So then I was just like.

O_______O + >:OOOO

Seriously, I wanted to scream out loud ...

♥ Since this post is getting really long I'll just conclude it with the rest of the polishes I bought that day c:

Essence, Return to Paradise.

 Number 7 Stay Perfect Top Coat.

...And another one I forgot to take a picture of it >o<

Until next time!

♥ AnnKiins

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