Wednesday, March 23, 2011

♥ Catrice - Pebble Beach ♥

♥ Helwo~
It must be weird seeing short nails when I had long nails in the other post xD
It's because I'm trying to post up everything I didn't post up before, and this is when I trimmed my nails. They usually grow back to size in about 3 weeks, so I have to trim them regularly D:

Anywaysss >.<
This is an Limited Edition from Catrice, I don't remember what collection unfortunately but none-the-less a nice color to have on your nails *-*
It dries matte, as it says on the bottle, but I beg to differ. More of a satin finish imo.
2 coats for full coverage and dried fairly fast
Application was a breeze as well :D

{Don't mind the little nip of one of my fingers >.<}

 Tbh, I don't ADORE this polish but it is my favourite grey in my stash (I only have about 4 you see...)
But even if I did have more I think this one would still be on top for it's quick dry time and good cover.
Whats your favourite grey in your stash and why? *-*
PS: I could have gotten away with a slightly thicker one coat ^-^
I'm gonna do a nail art with this...I'm thinking lace 8]

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. I like the color but I'm not sure about the finish ... mattes & satins in general are not my favorites.

    I'm not sure I can pick a favorite grey--OPI Sheer Your Toys, maybe.

  2. Love the colour reminds me of revlon silver:)

  3. I guess grey can be quite boring on its own but it's a good base for layering and nail art. My favourite grey is one I have from Collection 2000. Cannot remember the name for the life of me though XD

  4. Favorite grey: essence grey-t to be here. It has a strong blue undertone and such a pretty pink shimmer to it! This would look amazing on a cool skintone with pink untertones. It doesn't suit me well but I LOVE this color. Even my warm makin with yellow undertones will try to pull this off ;)

    1. Makin=skin I do not know what happened there.