Wednesday, May 4, 2011

♥ Born Pretty Store mani's ♥

♥ Hello Hello!
I'm back again with a review from the website Born Pretty Store on the free Hello Kitty plate which arrived recently. If you want to see how to get one look at my earlier post~
[Theres ten free Hello Kitty plates every day, plus the delivery is free!]

This is my mani using the plate.
Btw, for those who have it and are like 'WHY DOESN'T THIS WORKKK D:' Well!
Theres a protective film over the plate, it's transparent so it's reallyyyy hard to spot, so remember to take it off before you use it to stamp.
Also, another word of warning, the plates are superbly sharp so mind yourself~

I also bought the fimo clay teddy bears, so I did a mani on it as well c:

- Other information:
I didn't get any problems while ordering these products. It was really bought, put in basket, pay and then wait.
But if I were to say a flaw, I must say the shipping takes long, the plate came in about a month.
However the shipping is free so I won't complain, plus the prices on the website are really good and the owner, Jessica is super nice c:

So thats Bornprettystore if you want to see their great products and if you want to get your hands on the free Hello Kitty Plate.

And for more details on further freebies/competitions go to their Facebook page here.

Good day to everyone!

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. I have the same image plate and god, it's very sharp!!
    i love the second manicure!

  2. So pretty. I especially love the pink ones.

  3. i think you've just amped up the level of the polish world. these are beyond my wildest imaginations. cute though :)

  4. Fashioneggplant, a million thanks, thats such a wonderful comment to hear, I'm absolutely delighted!
    Thats absolutely lovely of you both ♥
    Thank you ♥

  5. Those teddy bears are awesome. Love the pink and white mani!

  6. the teddy bears!!!!! Omg, so cute!!! thats my fav mani <3

  7. Your designs are just sooo awesome! :D