Friday, August 6, 2010

♥ Side Swipes ♥

Happy Birthday Jenny ^^
One of my best friends are having their Birthday today :D
 Hope you have a great day today c:

So today I'm working on a design done by LOVE4NAILS yet again!

Two coats of Miss Sporty 0.

A coat of L.A Colors, Sparkling Diamonds.

I side-swiped with L.A Colors, Tropical storm.
These L.A Polishe's, I got them in London while on vacation.

I side-swiped again with Barry M's, Black.

I put glitter on the edges of the black.
On the middle finger I put a rhinestone :D

If you don't like rhinestone you can do this :

[The rhinestone chipped off, so I changed the design :B]

Design by LOVE4NAILS
You should check out her Youtube channel.
It's awesome :D

Thats all for today!

♥ AnnKiins.