Wednesday, October 6, 2010

♥ About two months Mayor Haul ♥

♥ Hello, Hello~
School has been awful. I got extra work cause of such unfair reasons.
I was called CHEEKY for doing work.
Teachers are so unfair!!

♥ Pffft. In other words.
I bought alot of stuff over these two months.
So haul...BEGIN!

My Aunt gave them to me :D
Her Birthday was on Oct 1 as well, so Happy Birthday!

↓ Left to Right
Essence (Matt Topcoat) (Glisten Up!) (Choose Me!)
Barry M (Boots Limited Edition) (Bright Purple) (Vivid Purple) (New Effects)
Claires (Holographic Star & Hexagon glitter)


Some things from Nail Delights :3
I thought I was going to get a bigger package.
But everything was so much smaller in person D:

A practice hand, so I'm gonna do tutorials soon :D

My compartments

WATER DECALS. I was craving them after the Vivalanails ones!

100 wittle rhinestones

A rose cane. And the surprise one, a green watermelon!

Nail chart to swatch my polishes :D

♥ I'm gonna go play with Barry M's Crackle polish now.
See yous!

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. this is amazing... I cannot belive to my eyes! :)

    Hope to see your tutorials soon :)

  2. Thankiing You, Alice c:
    I hope I won't disapoint! >o<

  3. WOW! nice haul! im looking forward to seeing tutorials & swatches :)

  4. Thank you very much, Katrina!! *-*
    I'll try my best!

  5. wow, you got a lot of stuffs =D!!

    but how will you use that rose cane and watermelon? I have a roll of it but no idea how can i use it =_=!

  6. Sowwiie, I only seen your post now!
    Ya have to slice 'em with a special knife so you'll get thin lil pieces.
    While applin' ya put a coat of clear polish 'n stick on the lil piece to yer nail.