Thursday, October 7, 2010

♥ Barry M - Instant Nail Effects (Crackle Polish) ♥

♥ Hi everybody :D
My favourite nail polish brand Barry M released  Instant Nail Effects.
(A crackle polish_
And I happened to get the last one in the store!!! (SUPER LUCKY)
I was planning on doing a video but I wanted to get the 
swatches out ASAP.

♥ My base colors is Barry M's Shocking Pink (I♥THISCOLOUR)
You have to wait till the base polish fully dries.
Then apply a layer of the Nail Effects.
It begins to crack straight away and dries matte.
I applied a top coat ontop, but you can just leave it as it is.

A little instruction leaflet they give:

The instructions given inside the leaflet.
(Click picture to enlarge)

♥ Totally lovin' this.
I wanted a crackle polish for a long time and Barry M makes one.
(Mega, super, super yay!)

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. Awesome, I've always wanted to try crackle polish.

  2. This is amazing! O love crakle polish! They are interesting since everytime the pattern is different

  3. Serena"
    Same! I totally threw myself when I saw the last one >o<

    Thaaank you 8D
    Its been days and I haven't got tired of them!

  4. I want it!!

  5. Didn't know you were on MUA...I can't wait for your video :) I wish these polishes were available in the US!

  6. My first MUAs :DD
    I wish OPI was in Ireland ;___;
    And China Glaze ;___;

  7. I really want to try this brand :)
    this is really cute :)

    x Christine

  8. You totally should.
    My favourite brand so far c:
    If you want, heres their website: