Tuesday, October 12, 2010

♥ MUA - Make Up Academy ♥

♥ Hi Hi, my fellow nail polish lubbers~
I has a headache, sore throat and indigestion.
I wasn't thinking of posting today, but since I'm not going to school today I might as well.

♥ I'm working with Make-Up Academy's Green.
No name that I could finds, so I may as well call it green. >o<
One coater, dearies!
And applied smooth, had no problems with this one.

Shine Check~
It ain't that shiny, but it is shiner in person c:

♥ A little fun with Konad right before I was removing it~
Along with the other MUA.

See the blue? I was totally expecting more glitter.
I felt decieved ;___;
Look at how it looks in the bottle!!

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. where did you get the konad plates??

  2. Oh I think it's so cute that you try to write your comments in German! And it's not bad at all!:) So thanks a million for all the sweet feedbacks. And you can see that my English is a good deal worse than your German!;) xx, Alice

  3. Heli"
    Internet :DDD

    Haha, I try my best >o<
    Your very welcome :D
    Your English is great! Much better than my German ^o^ Tschuss!

  4. Very pretty green and like the konad :)

  5. Thank you ^o^
    I tried all of 'em to test :S

  6. if you hadn't mentioned it was the ones from the bottle I wouldn't have figured it out. Bummer. But I love the green

  7. Same! Green is lovely, really good for the price It was only about 2, 3 euro
    Unfortunate about the blue ;__;

  8. this is beautiful <3

    x Christine