Saturday, November 20, 2010

♥ Hiatus ♥

Hi everyone~
I watched Harry Potter yesterday with my friends.
OMG, we all cried at the end, so sad.
I hope Vulemort and the puffy haired witch dies. Evillll.
Hermine has gotten so pretty (She's my fav!)

Oh yeah.
On other news, I've decided to leave my blog on hiatus for a while :D
I'm really behind on updating and adding watermarks and it's really taking up alot of my time.
 I think I'm getting a few symptoms because of frequent exposure to nail polish chemicals as well.
So I think it's best to leave it for now.

Thank you for following Poka Pika Nails!


  1. try to peel the polish off in the shower so you don't overexpose yourself

  2. oh i saw the movie too and the ending was so sad, but still loved the movie. if you haven't gone on complete hiatus yet...

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