Wednesday, January 5, 2011

♥ Gosh, Holographic (VIDEO + PIC SPAM) ♥

 ♥ Hiii everyone!
I have a helload of mani's to get through (Mostly because of my break)
So to get them out quicker, I won't be watermarking them.
If you see anyone stealing my posts, please tell me c:

 ♥ For now though, I have a very troublesome polish.
A silver, holographic named, well, Holographic (Gosh)
This baby cost me around 8 - 9 euro, most expensive amount I have paid for a polish so far 
(And I'm hoping to not ever spend that amount ever again xD)

 ♥ Dry time is fairly quick, Application is what I hated the most!
Even if you let the polish dry for 10mins, streaking will occur, like ALOT
Leaving the biggest bald spots, took 3 coats for an even application.
But hey, this polish is absolutely STUNNING!

 ♥ I brought my camera along with me the whole next day to see if I could catch a better picture for it, have a look at these :D

 ♥ Ain't it absolutely stunning?
But I wish the application was better, MUCH better.
I would have gotten away with one thick coat, possibly...
And hey, heres a video for you, because I could not capture the awesomness of it.

(I wanna tell you something, I bought this for full price around 8-9 euro, I went to town a few days after and found it on a half price sale, MY PRIDE HAS BEEN STRIKED BY AN ARROW DDD:)

What do you think of it's extra-ordinarily gorgeous holographicness?
Would you buy it if the application is REALLY bad?
And for those who tried it, did you get really bad streaking as well?

 ♥ AnnKiins,


  1. This is super gorgeous but oh my goodness- terrible application. Just as you said, you need lots of coats, but the effect makes up for it. It chips easily and my mani lasted only a day. Mine was £4 or so. If you use a topcoat it dulls the colour and turns it into a slightly holo silver. Despite all that, I love it!

  2. ooh, thats crazy, awesome, & so pretty!

  3. Yay, I have this one too. I was hoping the new ChG polishes would be like this but no luck :/

  4. Gorgoeus color!!I dont have Gosh but i do have the OPI one. I would love to try one and i think this is better than opi.

  5. Gorgeous pictures, and the polish - well, it's divine! <3

    It won't give you problems application-wise if you use a special base coat designed for it - Gosh made one called Aqua Fix Base or something along those lines. :)

  6. Ash-Lily ♥
    I hear yah! Mine chipped on the first day, but I kept it on for 4 days (Cause I loved it that much xD) Ah, currency wise, it could be transferred to about 7-9 euro? Totally agree with all of that!

    Katrina ♥
    Danke Schon, M'Dear ^o^~
    It's much better in real life <3

    Oyku ♥
    ChG polishes? I must check that out!
    Yup, this is a really strong holographic, I'm gonna be on a search to find another one like this!

    Silence is Loud ♥
    Hee Hee :D
    Is the OPI one, the OMG or something like that xD? In terms of the amount of holo and the application, I think the OPI is better, however I never tried it, both seem around the same on price :)

    Jette ♥
    Thank you very much, I tried my best on the pictures and ended up using a video [/fail] xD
    Oh Yeah! Now that you remind me, I heard something along the lines of a special base coat before :O
    Someone....Please.... Throw a nail polish bottle at me.....very gently.... xD

  7. At least you can buy it; I had to make a swap for it. :) For a polish this holo-y, I will put up with tricky application, for sure.

  8. Karen ♥
    True that! I guess the end result makes all the dreadful application worth it~
    But I think I wouldn't pay full price for it next time >o<

  9. Its by far one of the best grey Holos there is :) I have this, CG, NfuOh and H&M's and I think the Gosh one is by far the most holographic ;)