Wednesday, January 5, 2011

♥ A Sparkly Gem ♥

♥ Hi everyone, sorry for the bad title, I ran out of ideas D:
This mani's quite simple, it's just red with striped tips with some gold glitter across and a gem at the center~
 It's one of the mani's I wore for Christmas.
I wanted to get all of these mani's out of the way so I can post some new manis :D

Nothing much to say about it.
The colors I used are from Vietnam (Which my Dad bought for me while on holidays there)
The red's a one coater jelly :D
And one of the fingers lost the gem...

Hope you like :D

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. Super christmassy! Very pretty, I love the gold stripe and rhine stones! ^_^

  2. Alice♥
    Yuppers! Tis be amazing :'D
    Alot fo the other polishes I got from my Dad were REALLY bad though xD

    ikr, perfect for the situation xD
    Thank yoou :')
    I thought of it myself 8D

  3. It's lovely and that red is yummy.

  4. Ash-Lily♥
    Danke Schon~ Haha, ikr? xDDDD

  5. just 1 coat?? thats amazing, very christmas like!!!!

  6. Silence&Toes ♥
    Thankiing yous both :')