Friday, January 7, 2011

♥ Number 7 - Beautifully Black ♥

♥ Hello, hello everyone~
I just came back from my friends Birthday party, twas awesome!
I didn't see her in a while so that just added into the awesomeness. 
Happy Birthday, Unadie (As I like to call her, we're both K-pop addicts! >o<) 

♥ *Cough*
In nail polish news, theres this polish that I have been absolutely adoring!
The name? Beautifully Black (By Number 7)
A black based polish with alot of silver glitter particles (Correct me if I'm wrong, cause I can't describe the little circular bits in it)
None the less, a gorgeous color~

For those who aren't familiar with Number 7, it's produced by Boots.
The nail polishes retail around 7-9 euro in Ireland, but may vary in other countries.
In my opinion, the quality of their products are great.
Beautifully black dries fairly fast, 2 coats to be opaque, application's great as well~

♥ Oh My Gosh, I looove this~
My Aunt picked it out and I bought it off her, sure glad I did!
Classy and elegant but also suitable for everyday wear, I'm a monochrome kind of gal, bright colors don't suit me so this color goes well with most of my outfits~ 
Eepp, can't wait to wear it again!!

♥ AnnKiins. 


  1. ive never try this brand before but the color is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! There's a lot of black polishes with glitter but this one is really special! Very classy <3

  3. Very nice! The glitter in it really adds a nice touch.

  4. Silence♥
    You should, although the price is out of my average range I think some of their polishes are worth it *-*

    I agree! I think this is the only black polish with glitter I have? But I'm satisfied ><

    Danke SchoN~ Definitely, I like they way they add alot of glitter so that you can actually see it, unlike others I've seen.

  5. Oh, that's one I'll be looking for when I'm out and about tomorrow. You have some gorgeous nails there lady.

  6. Toes♥
    Join the club, hehe :D ~

    Hope yah find it~
    Why Thank You Very Much c:

  7. hey sweetie, ive tagged you in one of the blog awards!!!

  8. Silence♥
    OMGG, Thank you ever so much ^o^!!
    I don't know why I keep getting so excited for an award. *Prepares speech*

    Danke Schon ^o^~~~

  9. Congrats AnnKiins'!!
    Just came back to say I found that polish at Boots today but didn't buy it because I have something similar and I don't like buying duplicates. I found another red glitter for £7 but didn't want to part with the money so I went to pay for the rest of my things. After my purchase I was given a £5 voucher to spend on No.7, so I went back and bought it for £2. Bargain! My hubby gave me another voucher when I got home, so I might JUST go back that black one after all :-)))

  10. Ash-Lilly♥
    Thanks a Mil ^o^~
    OMG, Thats what I did to all of my No.7, after paying a certain amount you get a voucher (Over here it's 7.50 voucher) And I only need to pay about a euro 25(?) For itt~
    Haha, I love getting a bargain! What was the red glitter called? I have a red glitter from Barry M *-*~

  11. It's called Queenie and now I think of it, it's got micro glitter particles. The Barry M one is very nice though.