Friday, August 13, 2010

♥ Viva La Nails ♥

Hello again!
As I said, I got my Viva La Nails package and now I'm gonna show you guys what I bought c:

* Picture spam warning *

All the stuff in a tiny bundle.
Everything was so small and tiny.

I got this cute little note pad free :D

My purple crane. I also bought a pink one but I forgot to take a picture of itt >o<
Seriously. That thing is TINY.

This is what it look liked when I finished cutting them.
I think I got around...47 of them? Or more?

Oh! And I also buy the blade as well. I tried cutting it with a normal knife..It didn't work out that good. So buy the blade just in case!

The lovely stickers I bought! I saw a review on the water decals and since then I had to have them! Now I do, bwahahahahahahaaaa.

I haven't tried them out yet, but I will in dear time!
Heress a few close-ups.
Click on the picture if you want to see it larger c:

My paint brushes that work like a dream <3
If anyone wants a close-up on any of pictures, don't hesitate to ask!

My first dotting tool!
I really love it <3

My shark buffer.



And finally a rhinestone picker!
I still gotta get used to using it.
They keep dropping on me D:

OH! I got this Viva La Nails card for 10 % off as well.
You only get it if you order over 25 pounds.
And if you order 25 pounds or over you get free shipping as well.

So yeah! Thats what I bought from Viva La Nails.
It took 3 days for shipping c:

I have a fail designs for next time since I was playing with the new products.
Hope you look forward to it!

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. Oh my goodness, I wanna go play at your house!! I have so many packages in the mail right now, but I'm impatient! I want them NOW!! *laughs*

    Seriously, though, you picked some great stuff! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Haha! >o<
    I just ordered the blogger set from Viva La Nails, but I'm so stupid that I sent the wrong address!
    Now I have to wait till they reply to my e-mail about the wrong address.

    They're my first set from abroad so I can't wait
    I'm working on lots of designs right now!

  3. Oh awesome buy!

    I think you'll like the blogger set, they are quite generous!

  4. Thanks! ^^

    Yeah, looks like theres alot in there :DDDD

  5. Love the purple flower! New follower =D

  6. Great haul! Thanks for sharing =) Viva La Nails products are great. I'd love to hear how the brushes and rhinestone picker are working for you! Might have to pick some up for myself!

  7. Thank you and your welcome :D
    Sure! Honestly the rhinestone pickier ain't that good, 3 seconds it falls off! And at the wrong spot as well. You gotta be quick!

    Brushes are working swell :D
    Have to dip 'em in nail polish remover before using. But I personally prefer the stick at the end of the dotting tool.

    Hope this helps and sorry for the late reply!