Monday, September 13, 2010

♥ Barry M's, Gold (30+ followers) ♥

♥ Hello everybody ^^
I have reached 30+ followers. YAY!!
Thank you so, so much everyone!!!!!!! ^O^!!!!

♥ Barry M's Gold as base.
Itried my first water decals.
This offically turned me into a water decal lover.
It is SO easy to do, and removes with nail polish remover as well!
I didn't even need to look up instructions!

You just:
(Make sure base polish is dry before applying)
Cut each picture out.
Dip it in water for 20 seconds.
Use tweezers to take it off.
Position on nail.
Then after a minute they dry.
How awesome is that??

↓ - 2 Coats

↓ - And with the water decals :D

♥ Definately would buy them again!!
So easy to do, I was like "o___o....Wow"
I didn't take much pictures cause they got ruined after cause I didn't wait long enough for the polish to dry underneath. D:

♥ Oh yeah!
I got these from my blogger pack from VivaLaNails
You should check the website some time ^^

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. Congratulations on the milestone. I'm lovin' the decals!

  2. Congrats =)! I am still trying hard to make more friends and followers too =)

    By the way, the gold color is gorgeous. really eye-catching!

  3. Thank you and Thank you! ^o^
    I'll help you, Victoria! 8)

  4. hey gold is really a eye catch colour and love your designsxxx