Sunday, September 5, 2010

♥ Side Strokes ♥

♥ Hi everybody!
Hope everyone's having a good weekend.
(I have a ton of HW to do, I also have a feeling I'm the youngest nail blogger atm)
I have another design today :D
I remember seeing it on Youtube but forgot where.
So if anyone remembers where you seen it please tell me so I can link towards the video ^^

Excuse the dry cuticles. >o<

PS: I took this on the 4th day I had this design on.
So tip wear and chips, ladies!

Props to the person who thought of this design.
Really easy to do, I got it done in 20 mins :D

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. :) they are soo cute! This mani remembers me ballet dancer shoes :)

  2. Cute and simple! I might have to try that myself. Also it's nice to find another teen blogger around here - check mine out if you like

  3. heloo.I just found your site and I so that you have some very nice design,
    I am now a follower: D

    maybe you will pass to my blog also :)
    keep up the good work.kisses

  4. simple but nice =)!!

    It is so adorable that you have such real and long nails ><

  5. Alice"
    Oh yeah! Now that I look at it again.
    My sister said it looks like a horse, so meh. xD

    Bloue Cherry"
    Yay, another teen blogger -High five-
    Welcome to the blogging world btw. :D

  6. Aoana"
    Thank you very much ^^ -Hugs you-
    Your 3d art is great :D

    Haha, Why Thank You!
    Yeah, my Mom doesn't let me get fake ones ...YET!

  7. Thatsss so cuteee honey! How old r u? I am almost 20! :)

  8. Thank you very much , Emy c:
    LOL, I'm like, 5 years younger than you. >o<
    I feel like the odd one out in these nail blogs ;___;

  9. I love these! <3
    I am also a teen blogger! I also having so much hw :(
    But i always need to find time to do my nails. I'm glad there is someone else who feels my pain with hw and doing nail art :D

  10. Thank you! ^^
    -High fives-
    Nice finding more of my kind here. xD
    I hate weekends, so much HW and I always leave it until Sundays do it all D:
    I get bored of my nails SO fast, I want to change them nearly everyday but I can't find the time.
    Now I only change it like, once or twice a week.
    The bad thing about having a blog is that you always have to update it, so we need more designs. But we have so little spare time.
    I'm glad as well :D