Thursday, October 28, 2010

♥ Essense, Glisten Up! ♥

♥ Hi everybody~
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Code valid until midnight 31st Oct.

♥ I've got "Glisten Up!" from Essence today.
 Its a sheer baby blue polish, with flakies and glitter.
It'd be best for layering over other polishes since it's very sheer.
(Takes a long time to dry as well)
Seven thin coats in the picture.
You can see the flakes better irl though c:

Micro-Shot, to see the flakes :D

♥ As I said before, more of a layering polish than a full mani polish.
It's unfortunate that it's sheer, would have made a pretty polish.
What do you guys think?
I'm gonna try and layer it over a polish one day.
OH. I made a Twitter as well today : AnnKiins
I wanna make some blogger friends c:

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. I think it is a very pretty color. For some reason I'm totally in love with greens near that shade lately.

  2. 7 coats? wow it is very sheer
    I do like it though! very pretty flakeys

  3. this color is amazing and very deep... you are very patient since 7 coats means loooong time for drying :D

  4. i looooooove the color..but i dont like the 7 coats needed :(

  5. Wow, 7 coats? I admire your patience, it must have taken ages to dry. Still the colour is pretty so I guess it was worth it.
    And omg thank you for the BarryM code *dances*

  6. So pretty, but seven coats is really pushing it. I got this in a swap and will definitely be layering it!

  7. Sunny♥
    Same, theres this teal in my locals that I'm thinking of getting but it's like. 5 euro D:

    I know, I did get carried away because at the third coat I was like "Hmm...It's getting more opaque, maybe one more..." and kept coating until I was satisfied >o<

    Haha, thank you ^^
    Luckily this polish doesn't smudge when you apply another coat even when the coat underneath is still wet. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have continued >o<

    I agree very much. It's sad that such a nice color is so sheer. It would have been one of my favs if it was more opaque.

  8. Amonra♥
    Thank you very much ^^

    One coat was long enough to dry even though the bottle said 1 second per nail. ;___;
    Very worth it, since I love Essence and flakies, you don't find them together everyday :D
    Your very welcome! ^^

    Agree with you there! I'd try layering it over some white one day and post it up :D

  9. 7 coats?! I told you I tried to comment on this so let's see if it works..

  10. LOVE IT!!!!!!!


  11. Leetle♥
    I KNOW D:
    I totally got carried away with the coats.

    Thankiing you c:

  12. 7 coats!? WOW! I applaud your for the effort :) Its pretty!

  13. Jackie♥
    I know :c
    Why thank you. Luckily it doesn't drag when you add another coat when the bottom coat is still wet, or I would have given up.

  14. I love this one! But 7 coats? Wow! I only use this one for layering!

  15. OH WOW! I LOVE this! I've seen this color on a couple blogs, and every time I see it, I fall in love all over again. I have a weak spot for light blue polishes with flakes! Definitely a must get for me.~


  16. Lois♥
    Haha! I'm using it for layering from now on.

    This one takes a while to get opaque so if you don't want to spend half an hour putting on about 7 coats of polish I don't reccomend using it. But it'll be good for layering though :)