Wednesday, November 3, 2010

♥ One, Two, Three Stripes ♥

|♥| Hii Everybody
Happy late Halloween wishes, mine was awesome but now I have tests :c
(Reason why I don't have enough time to look at my fav blogs atm!)
But two more days to go! *Yaaay*
(Btw I got nail foils the other day, might try it out soon?)

|♥| Anyways, I did this tutorial by Meliney (who has more awesome designs)
Really simple to do, I took out a few bits to reduce time.

|♥| Base color: Barry M, Strawberry I.C
Simply stripe as much lines as you can without them touching.

|♥| French tip it, I did it freehand but you could use the strips.

|♥| Draw bows on, if you have acrylic you can use those but I sadly don't.
Then stick a gem in the middle.
|♥| I outlined the bow in black for more effect.

|♥| I realllly like this design, it was super quick to do, unlike the others I did before, and it actually turned out quite nice. You can even wear the stripes by itself and it'll still looks nice.

Halloween outfit pictures!
I dressed up as a Gothic doll.

|♥| AnnKiins


  1. cute and quick! :) this is the best combo! good luck with your tests :)

  2. super cute! I am a stripe lover ^_^ and bows are awesome as well

    good luck on your tests :)

  3. Alice♥
    Thank you, Alice ^o^
    Totally, I'm searching for those types these days >o<

    Same! I became a stripe lover right after this, it's amazing how cool something can look with just stripes *-*
    Bows are love, as always. xD
    Thank you very much, I'll try my best c:

  4. The stripes with the French tip do look great all by themselves. I'd probably stop there myself.

  5. Kirsty♥
    Thank you very much ^o^

    I'd do the same, but the bows were quite cute though >o<

  6. Gorgeous design! Very cute, and the tutorial is great! I took the liberty to follow your blog, you have many great posts I'm going to read through :)

  7. Thank you very much!!
    Your my 60th! *Partiies*
    Hope you enjoy your stay at Poka Pika Nails. xD

  8. Wow, It's great. And I wonder how you've done this freehand! ;) Very adorable and I'm glad about your comment.
    Lovely reagrds,

    xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.

  9. Thank you very much :D
    A striper brush that I got in England. It's really thin, so it's perfect for painting lines c:
    Your very welcome ^^

  10. profile picture really liked but could not find your website.Can you please give link :)

    I wish that the photos on your website opened with a quick :(

    I'm your new followers.

  11. Thank you very much ^O^
    I'm still editting the pictures for it, it'll be up in about a week.
    I'll post it in your blog when I upload it c:

  12. So pretty. :-) I love pink polish. Very chic.

  13. Love your comment. :)
    Thanks. Yes, you're right, Zucker means sugar.
    And by the way, on the right hand side, I've added a Translator. ;)
    Lovely regards,

    xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.

  14. hi i love your blog and am following could you follow mine too? Thanks jess xx

  15. Petit♥
    Your Welcome c:
    Haha, I have a bag of Zucker in my kitchen.

    Thank you ^^

  16. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to comment, my net has been really, really bad!

    I love this mani and I wish I could draw such straight lines.. cynful nails does similar ones and I love this type of mani!

    Kisses and hugs

  17. Leetles♥
    Awwh, Dearie don't worry about it!
    I post for the love of my nails ^__^ xD
    I used a striper brush for the lines :D
    I got the idea from Meliney from Youtube,s he has such great designs :D


  18. I love it's so beautiful!!
    Thank you for the tuto!