Wednesday, October 20, 2010

♥ Spirit Day amd Breast Cancer Awareness Water Marble♥

♥ Hello everyone ^^
Today, October 20th (Spirit Day), has been chosen as the day to remember the people who have taken their lives because of  the fact that other people do not understand/accept them for who they are.
(In particular, in recent months, 6 males have committed suicide due to homophobic abuse)
 In commemoration, purple should be worn today.

Also, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
So for both of these occasions I decided to do a water marble with:
Pink (BCA) and Purple (Spirit Day)

Right to Left:
Barry M, white. No 7, Anniversary Nail Color. Barry M, Berry I/C.
Barry M, Boots Limited. Barry M, Bright Purple.

♥ And the water marble~

♥ I hope all of you wore some sort of purple today, I definately did ^o^
For the mani.
I'm seriously REALLY bad at water marbling, but I'm happy with the outcome.
Don't water marble if you don't have a spare hour on hand.
It's gonna be a long time till I'll marble again...

 Any tips on water marbling (Something that'll reduce clean up?)

♥ AnnKiins.


  1. I think you did a great job, I've never had the patience to try water marbling.

  2. Ive heard that if you put vaseline on the skin around your nail, the polish will wipe right off. Quick clean up!
    I have used tape which works just a good but costs a bit more than vaseline...

    hope this helps!
    your water marble is very nice by the way :D

  3. This is great!! really... amazing!! my wm are always a fail :(

  4. you did a really good water marble =D!!
    it reminds me pucci!! Love the pink!

  5. Serena♥
    Thank you very much! ^^
    I agree with you there, after this experience, it's gonna be a while till I do water marbling again.

    Vaseline? Wow, that sounds interesting *-*
    Definately gonna try that next time I decide to do water marbling. Thank you ^^

    Thankiing You, Alice! ^^
    Trust me, I was surprised at how good this turned out, you should have seen my first water marble D:

    Thank you very much ^o^
    Its weird cause I used all purple colors and they turned pink during my wming :o

  6. Oh My! It looks so great. Yay, I'd like to have nails like this, too! Thank you again for your cute cute comment!
    Lovely regards,

    xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.

  7. Another Bottle of Nail Polish?!♥
    OMG, thank you~♥
    I love your blog! >o<

    Petit Fournil De Paris♥
    Can I can you Jana? >o<
    Thank you very much ♥___♥
    If your going to try I'd reccommend having a few spare hours, these took me AGES!
    Your very welcome ^o^

  8. I'm kinda bad at marbling (your def not) but what I did, was I put cuticle oil (lots of it) around the nail when I did the dipping, and after the nailpolish on the nail dried, I just wiped the one around the skin easily

  9. wow, this was really well done! I like it!

  10. My lettle nails♥
    Trust me, I'm not very good at marbling!
    You should see my first marble. DEAR GOD!
    Cuticle oil? I'm just gonna collect info and do a little experiment on which works the best :D
    Thanks for the tip ^^

    Thank you very much Ping ^o^

  11. It look so nice! Do you want to follow me?

  12. Danke schon c:
    Ich verstehe nicht aber die Blog ist cool.

  13. Oh thank you so much for the nice comment.
    And I am happy! But I had to impact my eyes because of the light!;D xx, Alice :*

  14. Alice♥
    Your very welcome ^o^
    At least your work paid off :D
    The photos are lovely!

    Thank you very much ^o^

  15. Yes, I love Pancakes, too. :)
    And I'm so honoured, that you want to be in my house! ;D You are welcome. I would be glad if you want to visit me at my house. I could bake or cook something for you. ;)
    Lovely regards,

    xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.

  16. if cuticle oil doesn't work, it's not greasy enough. Use normal oil or olive oil in that case.

  17. Jana♥
    Haha, at least I know where to get B&B when I'm in Germany. That rhymes!
    I bet it tastes as good as it looks. I'm hungry now :c

    I never heard of using oil before but wouldn't lie there with the water?